Welcome to ISIQINA

About us

Isiqina is focused on serving the IT market and the South African public sector. In order to help organisations of all sizes manage the highly complex, heterogeneous and decentralised modern IT environment our company has developed tailored solutions to meet these demands and deliver returns on investment in a business world that is constantly changing.

Our core function is helping large enterprises, institutions, manufacturers, government departments and suppliers who are confronted with the challenges of building common implementation approaches to achieve uniformity and seamlessness.


Isiqina aims to become a leading South African IT solutions provider and systems integrator, allowing its clients to achieve their true potential and simplify their business.


We set out to build strong relationships with our customers, to help them see their business more clearly, and to extract optimum value from their systems through high-quality advice, service and products. By assisting our customers in streamlining their processes and systems, we aim to play an important role in helping South African reach its economic potential.


Our goals are to empower our customers to work faster, better and more economically. We strive to provide ways for our customers to become more efficient and plan ahead by creating the right roadmaps for future development.


Customer satisfaction is first and foremost in our minds. We measure our performance on results - the job is not complete until the customer's expectations have been exceeded. Innovation, professionalism and integrity are essential features of our service, backed up by only the best quality of products.


Sean Phillips